Summer Internships 2017

Horticultural College Intern

This unique summer internship program offers the student the opportunity to work with and learn from two public gardens. Berkshire Botanical Garden is a not-for-profit public garden established in 1934. Located on 15 rural acres, the Garden consists of 26 display gardens, several specialty collections, and three greenhouses. Naumkeag, a Gilded Age-style estate, is a National Historic Landmark preserved by The Trustees of Reservations. The Trustees is one of Massachusetts’ largest non-profits and the nation’s first conservation and preservation organization. Both locations are situated in the beautiful Berkshire Hills of Western Massachusetts, a short driving distance from the center of historic Stockbridge. The area is home to many cultural institutions and numerous natural sites.

This college internship program is designed to offer hands-on experience at Berkshire Botanical Garden and Naumkeag, and is for college students aspiring to a career in horticulture, public gardening, and landscape architecture or design. Interns will work with horticulture staff and volunteers in all phases of public garden maintenance and development. This includes planting, weeding, watering, mulching, pruning, and interacting with visitors. Students may also become involved in special projects such as accession records, garden inventories, plant signage, or photography. Intern training sessions, public educational programs, and staff field trips are offered to help broaden the students’ horticultural horizon.

Summer internships are for 12 weeks, 40 hours per week and usually start mid-May. The program includes shared intern housing at the Naumkeag estate and a stipend of $8.00/hr.

The deadline for applying is March 1, 2017.  Earlier applications will receive earlier decision.

Previous gardening experience and course work in horticulture, public gardening, or landscape design are required. Junior and senior undergraduate students applying for college credit are preferred. Students must be responsible, self-motivated, and capable of the strenuous nature of gardening. Please submit a cover letter and an application, which can be downloaded here.

Berkshire Botanical Garden
Attn: Dorthe Hviid, Director of Horticulture
P.O. Box 826
Stockbridge, MA 01262


Summer interns, left to right: Nathan Stewart, Anna McGovern, Avery Cross, and Katelyn Harvell

What our interns have to say about their experiences…

This summer can’t be described as anything less than fun and inspiring. I had the opportunity of working in two different yet equally impressive gardens at the Berkshire Botanical Garden and Naumkeag. The dedicated, caring and supportive staff created a fun learning environment and were accommodating to the interests of the interns.

I appreciated becoming more familiar with plant materials and the opportunity to learn about garden design. As a student studying landscape architecture, these areas are not thoroughly covered in coursework.

The Berkshires have much to offer in terms of culture and recreation and I am so thankful for the three months I was able to call them home. To share this time with good people doing productive work in this amazing natural backdrop made this summer experience incredible!

—Anna McGovern

I am entering my senior year studying Environmental and Urban studies at Bard College. I like spending my time outdoors and caring for plants. I felt like my interests and needs were prioritized by the staff and there was a great balance of working independently and as part of a team.

Working as a horticulture intern this summer gave me insight into how public gardens are planned, developed, and maintained. These gardens are truly beautiful places!

—Avery Cross

As interns, we got to see, do, and experience what being the hands of a public garden really means. We learned about two completely different horticultural styles and missions—the Berkshire Botanical Garden being centered around education and Naumkeag around restoration and preservation.

This internship created an opportunity for me to experience a new region and fall more in love with my passion for horticulture. I went into this internship being interested in horticulture education, and I came out of it with even more confidence that I want to continue on that career path. All I can express is how grateful I am to have had this opportunity, and that the people who I have met, the staff from both gardens, will forever be a part of my life.

—Nathan Stewart

Being an intern at BBG and Naumkeag lead to the best summer I’ve ever had. At first being so far from home and in a new setting made me nervous, but in the end being an intern proved to be everything I was looking for. The dedicated staff went above and beyond to ensure that we were cared for and always learning something new. Not a single day went by when I wasn’t learning new plant species, interesting design techniques, and we even learned about harmful insects like the emerald ash borer. I will remember this summer and use what I learned in ways towards my future career.

—Katelyn Harvell

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