black barn cocktailOur first “Cocktails in Great Gardens” event for 2013 took place this past Friday at Black Barn Farm home to Matt Larkin (our very own Chariman of the Board) and Lainie Grant.  It was amazing – (and I’m not just saying that because Matt is our board chair.)  First of all – the weather was just perfect – an amazing early summer evening in the Berkshires that we all hope for here at the office when we have these events.   Second – we had a nice turn out.  Third – there was CHAMPAGNE!

Above all this garden was just so unique that it left visitors enchanted.   The allee of trees that welcomed you to the garden and lead to the pool house and the countless, phenomenal, larger than life topiary gave the garden a refined and polished feel, yet there was something else there – a darker side that you rarely find in a garden.  The large black barn and pool house.  An arch of roots and tree stumps leading into the forest.  A stone altar covered in large animal bones.  The cherub hanging upside down from a trellis and gargoyles carved into the legs of wooden stump-stools under an arbor.  Everywhere there were just hints of something a little sinister that also felt playful.   This was “outside of the box” gardening at its finest and done in a manner that gave everyone who attended a new perspective on what is possible – exactly what these events were designed to do.  A big thank you to Matt Larkin and Lainie Grant for welcoming us into their home and being such wonderful hosts!

If you didn’t get a chance to come to this event, but would still like to see the garden at Black Barn Farm, you are in luck.  It will be open to the public on July 28th from 1-4pm as part of the Garden Conservancy’s Open Days program for 2013.  For more info, go to



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