David Burdick Level I

David Burdick, B.S., a distinguished plantsman and zealous collector, shows regularly at the American Daffodil Society exhibition.  A practicing horticulturalist, he has worked at Berkshire Botanical Garden and Windy Hill Farm.  An engaging teacher, his latest venture is a specialty plant and cut-flower business at Holiday Farm, Dalton, MA.


Elisabeth Cary Berkshire Botanical Garden (1)

Elisabeth Cary, M.A., is Education Director at Berkshire Botanical Garden.  She organizes the Horticulture Certificate program and has a special interest in woody plants.



David Chinery Level IDavid Chinery, M.S., is an extension educator for Cornell Cooperative Extension of Rensselar County, Troy, NY.  He is currently researching alternatives to pesticides for turf grass insect and disease problems, as well as improving and expanding the county’s Master Gardener Program.



Walter Cudnohufsky, M.L.A., is a long-time dedicated teacher.  Having founded and for 20 years directed the nationally acclaimed Conway (MA) School of Landscape Design, he has honed a reasoned approach to planning design.  Currently his firm is engaged in many diverse and stimulating planning/design projects throughout the region.


Ddb Level III

David Dew Bruner, A.S.LA., is an award-winning landscape architect and fine artist with over 35 years of experience ranging from Deputy Administrator of Riverside Park, NYC to amusement park design, historical restoration and residential design. He has a B.L.A. and a B.F.A. from LSU as well as a M.L.A. from the University of MA.


Steven Foster Level IISteven Foster, A.S.L.A., is a registered landscape architect in MA with over 30 years of experience. He currently divides his time between private practice and teaching at the Landscape Design Institute affiliated with Arnold Arboretum and Harvard University.


Joyce Hemingson Level I

Joyce Hemingson, Ph.D., earned her degree in Botany from the University of CT on the pollination biology of Clethra alnifolia (Sweet Pepperbush). She worked for many years as Director of Publications for White Flower Farm, in Litchfield, CT. She is an active gardener and a longtime member of the North American Rock Garden Society.


John Howell Level I

John Howell, M.S., is the former Extension Vegetable Specialist for the University of Massachusetts and currently lectures on vegetables, fruits and soil management.  Author of numerous newsletters for growers, he is currently the editor for New England Vegetable Management Guide, published biennially by the University of Massachusetts.


15.6.06.Up in the Trees

Tom Ingersoll, B.A., M.A.A., I.S.A. is a Massachusetts Certified Arborist and is also certified by the International Society of Arborists. He owns Ingersoll Landcare located in Sheffield, MA, and has worked in the landscape industry for the past 22 years. He serves on boards of the Berkshire Botanical Garden and the Sheffield Tree Project.


Steve Fruit production Steve MacKayMcKay, M.S., is the former Grape and Small Fruit Specialist for Cornell Cooperative Extension in eastern New York State. He has a B.S. in entomology from U.C. Davis and a M.S. in pomology. He own Micosta, a fruit nursery located in Hudson, NY. He specializes in traditional and unusual fruit tree and small fruits.


Drew Monthie

Drew Monthie, M.S., is a horticulturalist, garden designer and ecologist working in upper New York State. He is committed to teaching about the importance of using native plants to provide beauty and preserve biodiversity in yards and gardens. He has a special interest in ethnobotany.


Craig Okerstrom Lang Head shotCraig Okerstrom-Lang, A.S.L.A., is a landscape architect located in Berkshire County.  His vast business experience ranges from public to private projects.  He teaches a variety of programs for the Berkshire Botanical Garden, including graphic design and business practices.



Roeller photo

Brad Roeller, B.S., is a private landscape garden supervisor for Altamont Estate in NY.  He is the former Garden Manager for the New York Botanical Garden and has spent his entire career in horticulture with a focus on sustainable gardening.  He lectures extensively and instructs at the New York Botanical Garden and New England Grows.


Peter Salinetti Hort Certificate

Peter Salinetti, B.S., with wife Jenn owns Woven Roots Farm, a small family farm and CSA that grows vegetables and culinary herbs using traditional and environmentally sustainable farming practices. For over ten years they have grown produce for Berkshire County families. They have lectured for both NOFA and other regional organizations.


Chuck3-adjusted2013 (1)

Chuck Schnell, M.A., has both a B.A.and M.A.in landscape design.  He works in planning and design for WCLDA in Ashfield, MA.  He is a recipient of the Garden Club of America McLaren Fellowship to study abroad.  He has strong knowledge of ornamental plants, landscape design and construction.


Marie_Stella_Level II

Marie Stella, M.A., M.S.M., is a landscape designer, historian and lecturer.  Her design firm, Kirin Farm Enterprises, specializes in historical landscapes and initiatives to foster the preservation of the rural landscape.  She instructs for the New York Botanical Garden, Tower Hill Botanical Garden, Arnold Arboretum and Berkshire Botanical Garden.



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