Level II Certificate in Horticulture

  • Level II Certificate in Horticulture further advances the gardener’s knowledge of horticulture in areas of specialty gardening, including growing fruits and vegetables, permaculture, propagation, pruning, perennial gardening and other elective topics. Level II classes are intended for students with a Level I Certificate but may be attended by all students. Note that Level II instructors assume that a student has a basic knowledge of gardening.
  • Level II Certificate in Horticulture requires completion of a Level I Certificate and 72 classroom hours of elective courses in the area of horticulture.

Fall 2014 Elective Courses

Saturday,  9am – noon, Sept. 13 Invasive Plant Identification $35
Thursdays, Sept. 11 & 18;  Oct.  2 & 9 Native Plant Selection
Saturday, November 15 Extending the Season’s Harvest $55

10% discount for enrollment in 3 or more Fall Elective Courses

Spring 2015 Elective Courses        

Thursdays, 4-7pm, Jan. 15 – Feb. 5 Greenhouse Management $185
Fridays, 1-5pm, January 16 – 30 The Business of Gardening $185
Mondays, 6-9pm, February 2 – 23 Small Fruit Gardening $185
Tuesdays, 6-9pm, March 3 – 31 Organic Vegetable Gardening $230
Fridays, 2-5pm, March 13 & 20 & Fri., 10am – 3pm, Mar. 27 The Home Fruit Orchard $185

10% discount for enrollment in 3 or more Spring Elective Courses 

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