I had never been to Roy Boutard Day before but as a new employee of the Garden and a graduate of the Horticulture Certificate Program this year, I had a lot of reasons to attend and I’m sure glad that I did.  Not only was the weather MorrismenAMAZING but the activities were incredible.  I’m not sure what I thought a May Pole Dance was – in my head I pictured a mix between tetherball and rythmic gymnastics (two other things I really don’t have a clue about) but I was all set to be unimpressed.  I couldn’t have been more wrong-it was amazing.  The 5th graders from the Rudolf Steiner school did these elaborate, choreographed dances that created different patterns of ribbon around the May Pole while the Berkshire Morris Men accompanied them on the accordion.  The Morris Men put on quite the show themselves with their English folk dancing and traditional attire – bells and all.  The whole thing just made me feel good and its always great to see families in the Garden enjoying themselves.

DavidDavid Burdick (owner of Daffodils and More) was on hand as well, giving a historic tour of the garden.  David served at the Garden for many years with the beloved Roy Boutard and shared stories and Garden facts with those who came along on the walk.  It was a great way to look at the Garden – through the eyes of someone who had seed so much of its development and to learn what has changed, and what has stayed the same.

Roy Boutard Day is also when we celebrate the graduation of the particGraduationipants of our Horticulture Certificate Programs.  I might be a little biased here, but it was great to see so many fellow students there celebrating their accomplishments.  If you have ever considered continuing your education through the study of horticulture, I can’t recommend this program enough.  Classes are small and friendly and the teachers are just incredible and come from all over- Cornell, UMASS and local professionals.

The festivities were capped with a reception by the Herb Associates where they presented their popular Mai Bowl and herb cookies.  My satisfaction with this element of RBD (Roy Boutard Day) cannot be over stated.  I had at least one of every cookie that they had out and there were over a dozen.  I think my favorite were the fennel sugar cookies – or maybe the chocolate ginger snaps?  Oh wait – the snickerdoodles…I just can’t decide.  And THEN there was the punch.  The things these ladies do with herbs are unreal.  Then again, I guess 60 years of tradition and practice can do that.


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